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  1. Iraqi Politics
  2. Iranian Revolution - and the role played by USA
  3. What to do about Pakistan?
  4. US makes raid into Syria
  5. The Aghanistan War
  6. Israeli Settler Terrorism on West Bank
  7. Russia vindicated?
  8. Obama stokes War Drums for Iran
  9. Somali Pirates
  10. Iraqi Cabinet Approves Security Pact With U.S.
  11. Government in Somalia near collapse
  12. Dictatorships & Foreign Policy
  13. Kosovo blast sends shock wave to Berlin
  14. Terror attacks in Mumbai
  15. Kaliningrad Oblast--the future
  16. Israel & Palestine
  17. 2009 - the world is looking dangerous
  18. Missile Strikes in Pakistan
  19. Chinese & Indian navies spar in Indian Ocean
  20. Israeli Election Results
  21. France ponders joining NATO
  22. NATO
  23. US will not attend UN Conference on Racism
  24. Chinese Naval Power
  25. North Korea Threatens War Against Japan Over Mis
  26. Karzai legalizes rape of women
  27. NPT, Iran & Nuclear Weapons
  28. Disaster looms for Europe.
  29. US options limited to prevent, fight Somali pira
  30. Palestine Israel: Hegemonic Peace
  31. Diplomatic Influence
  32. Iran Releases Jailed U.S. Journalist Saberi
  33. End of Tamil Tigers
  34. The Tragedy of Argentina
  35. The United States meets Europe
  36. N.Korea sentences American reporters to 12 years
  37. Lebanon Election Results
  38. No Change In Iran
  39. Reports straight from Iran
  40. Hot Dog Diplomacy in Iran
  41. The Future of War
  42. Failed States
  43. Lessons of Empire
  44. Coup in Honduras
  45. Canadian Warmongering
  46. Middle East Democracy
  47. Treaty of Versailles
  48. Russia's Ghost Missile Freighters
  49. War in Afghanistan
  50. UK Cuts Nuclear Deterrent
  51. US Demands Inspection of Iranian Plant in 3 Mo.
  52. Somalia
  53. Run-off Election in Afghanistan?
  54. Turkey
  55. US Foreign Policy: Obama = Bush
  56. Iran vows to expand nuclear program
  57. North Korea "re-evlauates" currency
  58. Expand UNSC to 7 members?
  59. Iran's Protest Movement
  60. Iranian Nukes
  61. Where in the hell...
  62. Petraeus Bombshell
  63. South Korean warship sinks off coast of N.Korea
  64. US Warship captures some pirates
  65. Video details Iraq atrocity
  66. US Nuclear Policy
  67. Our nuclear future
  68. Nuclear Weapons Free Middle East
  69. Women in the military
  70. Russia - 11; Somali Pirates - 0
  71. Military indoctrination of children, problem?
  72. Israeli Nukes & South Africa
  73. Israel attacks aid convoy
  74. Merc Bribes Taliban to Stage Attack on Convoy
  75. How to end the blockade of Gaza
  76. Iran and WTO
  77. Israel's new pilots, immigrants and propaganda
  78. Japan rants against Russian military drills.
  79. Five Big Questions
  80. Conflict Resolution
  81. My dream wife :)
  82. China launches AWACS
  83. War with Iran
  84. Boy with reattached legs joins Russian army
  85. Pakistan and the Taliban
  86. From governors to warlords?
  87. Russia to spend 10 billion euros on weapons
  88. Russian President bans sales of weapons to Iran
  89. UN Security Council Vote - Oct 12
  90. General Andrei Vlasov, hero or traitor?
  91. Youth and the military
  92. Changing Course in Moscow
  93. Somali Piracy
  94. VDV: courage, loyalty, and too much machoism
  95. UAE evicts Canadian Military Base
  96. Russian navy to increase global presense?
  97. US Embargo on Cuba
  98. NATO, Russia must cooperate on missile defense
  99. Isreali Extortion
  100. Mexican Civil War
  101. Koreas shooting at each other
  102. Russia offers citizenship for military service
  103. Terrorist Bombing in Egypt
  104. F35 vs J-20 vs Sukhoi PAK-FA
  105. One of the numerous reasons why we can't win the
  106. Apocalyptic scenario
  107. US to liberate Libya?
  108. 'Black Hawks' to protect innocents from terror?
  109. What will happen in Bahrain?
  110. 'Chechen bin Laden' likely killed in air strike
  111. Russian journalists seized by Libyan rebels
  112. 1 Russian, 2 Georgians killed on Abkhaz border
  113. Russia sells aircraft carrier to India
  114. Snipers in the Kremlin
  115. Mexican refugees?
  116. Sudan invades Libya?
  117. Impossible accusations
  118. Norway explosions, my thoughts
  119. Let North Caucasus go?
  120. Happy Navy Day!
  121. Rape of Men
  122. SEAL That "Killed" (Didn't ?) OBL Are Dead
  123. China gearing up for war with Vietnam
  124. Israeli embassy in Egypt stormed by mob
  125. Palestine 194
  126. Gun battle reported in Tripoli
  127. Obama orders invasion of Uganda
  128. Worried Celebration
  129. UNESCO Grants Palestinians Full Membership
  130. Guns and fashion
  131. Passport to the Total State
  132. Russia to send fleet to Syria
  133. Homemade weapons
  134. EULEX/NATO starving Kosovo Serbs
  135. France, Turkey, the Armenian genocide
  136. New incident at Transnistria-Moldova
  137. Iran: Ahmedinejad's Fury
  138. Russian warships arrive to Syrian base
  139. New corvettes for Russian Navy
  140. This is why we support Assad
  141. UAV Swarms Will Change Warfare Forever
  142. Why is Russia,supporting Assad?
  143. Russia-Japan tension moves into the skies
  144. Israel's Palestine Anyone ?
  145. Iraqi Jihadists and weapons flow to Syria
  146. Recognition of Israel
  147. Iraq militia stone youths to death for "emo" sty
  148. Jack Cafferty Speaks Out on Afghanistan
  149. Gunman Kills Four At Jewish School In France
  150. NATO base in Russia!!!??? ;) lol
  151. Russia sends special forces to Syria
  152. A true officer
  153. Lone Nut Theory vs Routine Night Raid
  154. will america realize someday they have to stop t
  155. Regional economy and war
  156. Russia 3rd Largest Military Spender Worldwide
  157. Shipping security
  158. People Power on the Battlefield
  159. NATO Conference/Afganistan War
  160. Russian Paratroopers train in Amerca????!!!!!!
  161. Russian ship delivers weapons to Syria
  162. how can a man like adolf hitler being so obsesed
  163. Russian special forces sent to Syria
  164. The problem of the Russian military
  165. Inside a T-72
  166. US Navy ship fires on boat in Persian Gulf
  167. Canadian terrorists in Russia???
  168. Israeli bus blown up in Bulgaria
  169. Tatarstan explosion
  170. WWIII in Syria?
  171. China Sea Conflict
  172. Shiite mosque attacked in Dagestan
  173. 2nd most powerful military
  174. Will Israel really attack Iran?
  175. Russia sends "humanitarian aid" to Syria
  176. America uses terrorism
  177. Military police
  178. Why hot heads must not be in government
  179. Russia sends warships to Gaza
  180. Palestine recognized by UN
  181. AK-47s bringing premium prices
  182. Wisdom of the Young
  183. The great war for religion
  184. Assad living on Russian warship
  185. US Drones
  186. Mali
  187. US justifying terrorism
  188. Black Beast
  189. Palestinian Ghandis
  190. Flexing muscles?
  191. Two lines of defense
  192. Military reserves
  193. Terrorist attack in Boston
  194. The word "Terrorists" could be right, but do no
  195. what very interesting is what the word "terrori
  196. US arming Syrian rebels
  197. Moscow bombing prevented by FSB
  198. Syrian rebels lose a city and a commander
  199. More embarrassment for Sweden
  200. Sen. McCain needs to be retired
  201. Thousands of Russian mercenaries for Assad?
  202. Slavic Russians: What makes them non-European?
  203. Russia may send peacekeepers to Golan
  204. Time-lapse video map of 2053 nuke explosions
  205. Another victory for Assad
  206. Mr. Obama, Pardon Bradley Manning
  207. Sino-Russian War (hypothetical)
  208. Saudi trying to bribe Putin...
  209. August War
  210. Coast Guard vs. Greenpeace
  211. Russian military police, first photos
  212. Sweden is Fucked now
  213. Volgograd bombing
  214. Battalion "Aliya"
  215. Environment and conflicts
  216. Russian bombers in Venezuela???
  217. Volunteer border patrols, good or bad?
  218. Volgograd bombings
  219. Senegal arrests Russian trawler
  220. Anti-terrorist militias, good or bad?
  221. US actions in Somalia
  222. 93% of Crimeans vote to join Russia
  223. Military arming Cossacks in Crimea
  224. The Russian Navy
  225. Nuclear War Reality
  226. Should Russia Nuke the West Over Ukraine?
  227. Who's Next?
  228. Politics and crime
  229. Rebels vs. Looters
  230. Lebanon is heating up
  231. New war in Iraq
  232. Has Poroshenko lost his mind?
  233. Ukrainian Afghan
  234. Obama seeks funding for Syrian rebels
  235. Desperate to find a pretext
  236. Haaretz Article on the Israeli-Hamas Conflict
  237. Scarecrow Militia
  238. Russia Won't Share Info on ISSIS
  239. Moral Support for the Arab Spring Rebels?
  240. Canadian Intervention
  241. Murder gang connected to IS?
  242. ISIS recruiting Kurds?
  243. Kobane, Syria
  244. Grozny attack
  245. Major shift in US views on Palestine/Israel
  246. Ron Paul Thanked "No" Voters on Anti-Russia Vote
  247. Novorossia forces using drones
  248. Propagnda Effort by Assad is Alleged
  249. No honor in France
  250. Ukraine sends National Guard to Odessa